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Rane, The Flower-Fairy

Rane is kneeling down on the side of the river. She looks at her shadow. It’s a shadow of a dark skin flower-fairy, with dark-coloured eyes, and black bushy hair. On top of her hair, grow the wild grasses. Flower fairies always have some plans on top of their hair, but Rane doesn’t want any wild grass on her hair!!!

She looks up and sees Adelle who’s watching over her lambs. Adelle is the most beautiful flower-fairy. Her skin is fair, her eyes are blue, her hair, which is long and brunette, is always shiny. On top of her hair, grow a lot of beautiful flowers. There are sunflowers, roses, and jasmines. All of them are the most beautiful flower in the world. Rane wants all that beautiful flowers also. She has tried to put some roses seed on her hair, but the beautiful rose never appears. Her black and bushy hair is not a good place for the flower to grow. It can only carries the wild grass, which is not beautiful at all!!!

Rane sits and looks at her deers. They all are galloping here and there. Once again, Rane looks at her dark skin. It looks dirty and not pretty at all!!! She wants a fair skin like Adelle’s. She also doesn’t like her dark-coloured eyes. She would like the blue eyes like Adelle’s. Rane feels so crossed. She is very unpretty. Rane looks at Adelle whose now is playing with her lambs. Adelle is smilling and she looks even much prettier!!!

That time, a male flower-fairy, called Matine comes and sit next to Rane. He has cactus-plant on top of his hair.

“Hi Rane. What are you doing?” he asks Rane. He lays down and waits for Rane’s answer.

But Rane doesn’t seem to pay attention. Her eyes still look at Adelle. Matine then looks at Adelle.

“There you go… Still watching of Adelle?”

“Why can’t I look as pretty as she?” ask Rane, more to herself than to Matine. “I also cannot grow any beautiful flower on top of my hair.”

Matine laughs. “There’s no such thing as perfect as you think. Tough you don’t look as pretty as Adelle, doesn’t mean that you’re not perfect. So does Adelle. Though she looks so pretty, she has her minus too.”

Rane, looks so surprise, can’t believe her ears. “She has her minus? I can’t believe that. She is so perfect…”

Matine doesn’t answer. He closes his eyes and falls a sleep.

Rane looks at Adelle. She trys to figure out what’s her minus, but she can’t think of any. She is so perfect. How can a perfect flower-fairy like Adelle has a minus??? No way!!! Rane then lays down and falls a sleep.

It seems just a minute when somebody wakes her up. Rane opens her eyes and sees Adelle, with tears run down her cheeks.

“What happened?”

Adelle is still crying. “One of my lamb falls down the riverbank. I helped her to get up, but her feet is badly injured.”

“Then? Just sing for her…”

Flower fairy is the best curer for all injuries or wound. When somebody is hurt, all they have to do is just sing, and it will cure all the injury or the wound.

Adelle looks so shy, “I can’t sing. My voice is so bad.” She looks at the injured lamb. A lot of blood comes out from the wounded leg. It seems that the rocks scratched the leg when she fell down.
“Oh Rane. Please help my little lamb. Sing for her or otherwise, she’ll be dead!!!”

Rane looks at the little lamb. She loves animal so much and it’s hurt her feeling to see that little lamb. Rane takes the lamb and carry her so gentle. She sings a beautiful song. Her voice is so clear. All of her deers come close and gather around just to hear her song. All the flowers in the meadow are also listening to her song.

The wounded lamb get well so soon. She looks at Rane, her eyes are full of thanks.

“There you go. Don’t play too far from Adelle.”

The little lamb galloping around Rane, as if she wants to thanks Rane.

“Thanks a lot, Rane. Such a beautiful voice you have. I really envy you.”

Rane smiles, “You’re welcome.”

Then Adelle goes back to her lambs. The little lamb follows her.

“So?” Matine is watching all the time, “Do you know her minus?’

Rane nods her head.

“Still thinking that she is the perfect flower-fairy?”

She shakes her head. “I don’t know that she can’t sing. What I know
is every flower-fairy can sing. I don’t think my voice is special, but I really don’t know that Adelle can’t sing at all.”

Matine smiles, “You’re too busy searching for your minus that you don’t realize your beautiful voice. From now on, don’t just focus on your minus, but remember, you have a beautiful voice that not all the flower-fairies have, even the prettiest fairy like Adelle.”

Rane smiles and start to sing for Matine and for her deers. A beautiful song about happiness.

Rane, The Flower-Fairy - By Irena - Copyright 2003

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